We strive to provide you with an enriching and seamless learning experience on ahnafhaq.com. If, however, you find yourself dissatisfied with our services, you are entitled to request a refund under the following terms:

Refund Eligibility:

  1. Refund requests must be made within 48 hours of the course purchase on ahnafhaq.com.
  2. Refund requests will not be considered if made after completing 100% of the course.
  3. Downloading any or all of the course resources, videos, or materials may render you ineligible for a refund.
  4. Any attempt to abuse the refund feature will result in the forfeiture of refund eligibility.

Refund Request Process:

  1. To initiate a refund, send an email to info.ahnafhaq@gmail.com with the subject “Course Refund.”
  2. Please provide logical and valid reasons for your refund request.

Refund Timeframe: Upon approval of your refund request, the standard time period for the refund to be processed to your given details is 7 to 10 business days.

Exceptional Circumstances: If you encounter issues during the course, we encourage you to reach out to our support team before requesting a refund. We are committed to assisting you and resolving any challenges you may face in your learning journey.

At ahnafhaq.com, we value your satisfaction and are dedicated to addressing any concerns you may have. This refund policy is designed to ensure a fair and transparent process while maintaining the integrity of our learning platform.