The Way Things Are:

  • Our courses are our products and these are non-shareable. All rights to these courses are reserved by You can’t share it with anyone else. If so, your account will be banned and legal actions will be taken. 
  • Your profile will be created against your email ID, and you can register only one time with single payment.
  • In case of facing any difficulties logging in to your account, please contact us.
  • You will get access to our secret learning Facebook group after purchasing the course. Once you join the secret group through a particular Facebook profile, you can’t change it later.
  • In case of facing any difficulties logging in to your old Facebook profile, we will share all the materials of the secret group with you through email.
  • If someone uses your Facebook profile for the purpose of using our secret group material, and if we find evidence of this, you will be banned.

Refund Policy: 

  • We have a limited refund policy. You will get access to the course within 48 hours (maximum) of ordering.

Earnings Disclaimer: 

  • We do not provide any “earning guarantee” to any of our learners. Many learners are benefiting financially from our courses, but many fail as well.

Support Disclaimer: 

  • If any learner feels any problem regarding SEO, he/she can discuss his/her problems in the secret Facebook group for a solution.
  • Also, he/she can ask for solving the issue through the support portal of the website. This is not any sophisticated support system. And we are not bound to give the support. But we try to answer everyone’s questions at a convenient time.