Client outreach & business enthusiast. My name is Ahnaf Tahmid Haque, and this is my client outreach consultancy service details page.

About Michael.

About This Consultancy Program

I want to run a program on client outreach outside of the marketplace. It won’t be a course type program. It will be a kinda consultancy.


My 24 hours a day now consists of personal hygiene, prayers, sleep and stress, time spent on SEO courses. Apart from these, the remaining 14-15 hours are spent doing research on client outreach.


The thing I understand is the kind of response rate I’m seeing; I won’t be able to tackle all these things alone. I need some crazy enthusiasts! -InshaAllah whom I will share the ins and outs of client acquisition by providing consultancy services on client outreach beyond the marketplace.


The purpose of this program: 

1. I will be financially benefited somewhat.

2. To grow a team of really capable and prospective outreach expert.

What I'm gonna deliver on this program


You can talk to me live regarding client outreach outside marketplace. My experience based opinion may help to solve your pain points of not getting clients inshaallah

Learning Session

There will be a dedicated session once in a week. During this time I will share the papers and analytical reports that I make throughout the week while outreaching


If you miss the sessions by any chance, you will get a recorded version of that particular day to recover yourself. But I insist you not to miss any of the session as it hampers the flow


Most of the success rate of client outreach journey depends on the workplan that you follow. I will help you to set a 4 months plan to get at least your 1st client

Client Source

A destined journey is far better than random surfing. It enhance the probability of getting clients. You will get more than hundreds of sources to get access of client's community 


I wanna invest on your plan!! If you can make a good prospective agency plan, who knows! I may invest conditionally. Your plan & my investment!! 

This program is for those, who wants to work as a freelancer on the following platforms:

  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Web design & development
  • SMM
  • Some sectors of graphics design
  • Ecommerce business development
  • Shopify store development
  • Business consultancy (Sales & Development)
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook & Google ads

Consultancy Program Details

14th June, 2024 Inshaallah

4 Months

32 (16 learning session & 16 consultancy session)

Every Friday of the week

Learning session
07:00am to 10:00am

Consultancy session
09:30pm to 12:30am

Both session will be held on sameday

Total 2000/= for four months 

05 June 2024 (11:59pm)

Payment Procedure

1. Send 2040 BDT on the given bkash number. Please choose the “payment” option to make the payment. Don’t choose “send money” or “cash out”

2. After making your successful payment, you must fill up the google form. 

3. After submitting the google form, please wait for maximum 10 hours. I will contact with you over the phone within 10 hours of your payment. 

4. Don’t be hesitate or get nervous for the late contact. This is my bkash merchant number. If you make payment correctly, you will get the access of the consultancy program for sure inshaallah. Be patience until